Zari spends Millions on luxurious Easter Holiday with Family and friends

After the passing of Don Ivan, the public’s eyes have been glued to see and know what the boss lady has been up to. By the look of things, she has been managing well. She has been working so hard to ensure her children have the life they deserve not forgetting maintaining her own. A family vacation was very much needed to cool off.

When pictures of Zari’s sons went viral on the internet with claims that she abandoned her sons in Dubai, she came out to reveal the true boss lady in her.

Zari flew a team of about 10 people to Dubai for an all expenses paid Easter holiday. This team comprised of her 3 sons, her young brother, her personal photographer, friends and loyal team zari fans. They were being accommodated by one of the most expensive hotels in Dusit Marina, Dubai.

During her stay in Dubai, Zari met 2 of her Fans that loive in USA but had come for a trip in Dubai. They danced together, ate together, had alot of fun together. She later posted a photo on instagram that she tagged, “Dubaiiii….initi? @westwood.p Let the rumors begin. When Atlanta(USA) meets South Africa.”

Quad biking, swimming at The Palm Atlantis, Water fun at the Dubai Marina Yatch club were some of the sports they enjoyed among very many others.

After landing a mega ambassador deal with Soft Care diapers plus the income from the 10 Brooklyn Colleges she manages aside her 4 houses that are being rented in South Africa, it is not surprising that everyone that traveled with her traveled business class.

Towards the end of their 5 days trip, each of her 3 sons was given 5,000 USD worth of shopping money. This was revealed in a snap chat video captured by one of her sons during his shopping spree.

Here are more of the pictures from the trip

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