Zari does not own any university in South Africa- Dj BK

Corporate DJ Keith Kuyo commonly known as Dj BK has come out to trash beliefs that socialite Zari Hassan owns a University in South Africa, where she has stayed for many years. While delivering an inspirational story to Makerere University Business School (MUBS) students on Wednesday, the former Sanyu and X fm DJ assured MUBS campusers that Zari’s University ownership story is a hoax.

“How many of you believe that Zari owns a University in South Africa called Brixton University?, if you do, you are a fool” BK lamented to MUBS students’ faces. BK went ahead to reveal that Zari only owns a small office in South Africa, whose real purpose he cannot tell.

“There is no successful person who can flaunt like that, rich people like Bitature, Kirumira do not live like that. Who can tell me how Zari, Mbuga, Brian White accumulated that wealth?” BK asked MUBS students. To convince MUBS students, BK revealed that he has an office in South Africa and went ahead to physically demonstrate the size of Zari’s S.A office.

BK was speaking at the day two of NSSF Career Expo where he was invited as a speaker. The expo also featured other people from big brands like NTV, Daily Monitor, NSSF, among others.

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