Zari Hassan’s post-baby body is ultimate mommy goals

When most 21st century women give birth and you attempt to politely comment on their post-baby bodies nine months later, you can even be killed. You are asked if you are the one who got the man in the first place or if you are the one who experienced the labour pains.

I was here at my desk after a heavy unhealthy lunch and noticed my favourite jeans are getting extremely tight in the tummy area. I decided to take a walk and waste my data on Instagram to look at Instagram models advertising their flat tummy tea as a solution for me. I land on Zari the Bosslady’s gram.


Zari Hassan, mother of five who gave birth a week ago makes me look like I was her surrogate. She shocked us last week by being up and about 24 hours after giving birth and now this. We want lessons from our favourite mummylicious mummy.

It’s not just us that bow for this East African socialite, Tanzanian songstress, Vanessa Mdee was equally in awe of our mummy of the year.


All hail Nillan’s mommy, the Queen of Snapback queens.

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