Zari and family in second luxurious vacation in a space of 9 days

Having splashed what might have seemed more than enough to most of us, the boss lady does it again. During Easter, Zari flew her sons,brother and close friends to Dubai where they had the time of their life in luxury.

Barely 3 days after they had returned, she took her family for another vacation in suncity, South Africa. This is one of the most exotic and perfect for vacation places.

With her oldest son back to school, she replaced him with her sister Ashurah. This time the entire family including Tiffah and Diamond Jr.

The boss lady must be getting much more than any of us can fathom. From one vacation into another isn’t a game of jokes. Her hustles are seriously paying off. She works like the hardworking woman she is and relaxes like the boss she is.

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