Winnie Byanyima can’t stop gushing about Hair by Zziwa on twitter

Winnie Byanyima with Zziwa at his Salon Hair by Zziwa

Hair by Zziwa seems to be doing something right especially if he’s got Winnie Byanyima making almost seven tweets about him.

Zziwa gave Winnie a haircut and she went on to give her twitter followers a lesson in Zziwa background history.

We all know Winnie Byanyima for being a role model and an advocate for justice and human dignity, and because of this Byanyima is inspired by those who work hard and achieve excellence.

Zziwa is a celebrated hair stylist who is well known for working on various celebrities hair and giving them the glam that we see on the red carpet. Zziwa has worked on Desire Luzinda, Martha Kagimba, Anitah Fabiola among others and now he can add to his list Winnie Byanyima.


According to Byanyima, Zziwa is an inspiration to all those who go after their dreams by putting their talents to use. I hope all of you can learn from him.

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