“Why are you doing this Pemba?” – Suleman

It is believed that Suleman flew to Tanzania to cool off after what seemed to be a humiliating black mail broke the internet. It is said that her family was on her neck and tenterhooks after seeing the videos that were released by city tycoon Jack Pemba. In an interview, she said;

“He was my lover, we had whatever we had. Surprisingly i have not talked to him in six months. I did not even know a thing about him for 6 months. When he released the videos I only sent him a message asking him why he would do such a thing. I did not insult nor abuse him. I am only 21 years old. We were in love when all this happened. I know he is capable of doing it ‘cause when we were still together he put me in red pepper with certain allegations the day I decided to remove his tattoos from my body. I just want the world to know that Pemba is that kind of person. Why is he tarnishing my name?”

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