Weasel cuts all ties with Bryan White

It is exactly a month since the brawl at De Bar in Entebbe  that saw the country lose the gifted Mowzey Radio, an occurrence that has broken Weasel,  his best friend and brother’s heart. The Bryan White Foundation stepped in during that trying time with Bryan paying hospital bills, contributing to the funeral bills and offering to take care of the late’s family. He then promised to help Weasel in his career until 2023


However, it appears that Weasel started to despise Bryan’s treatment and need for exposing everything to the media. Recent videos have circulated showing Weasel refusing to heed Bryan calling him during speeches, something Bryan didn’t like. Bryan was also offended when Weasel did not accompany him to pay last respects at Kagga, where Radio is resting.

Radio and Weasel during the good times.

All this led to the release of this statement,

“Official Statement On the Status of our Relationship With our Client Bryan White Foundation.

Our agenda as a brand is to RESPECT and PARTNER with fellow Artistes, Business people and Entities with an agenda of developing one another as we build our great nation, Uganda. Unfortunately, this has not been met with our current client Brian White Foundation.

Its a shame to our brand and our other business partners that believe in us when a client ( Bryan White ) doesn’t accord us RESPECT to the brand in an equal measure even after running to us to use weasel on his brand just during our trying moment.

Its from this that we halt any business dealing or community social responsibility that we have been engaging in with its founder and the foundation as a whole with immediate effect.

Weasel will be currently going on a retreat to USA for two months to freshen up as he recovers from the loss of his dear brother and friend Mowzey RADIO that passed on early this month. #Tokyayitaba Loading..

( Chagga & Emotions)

It’s sad that this partnership didn’t work out and we wish Weasel all the best in this difficult journey of healing from the loss.

However, some of us are going to bleach so that when Brian wants our photos posted, no one will know it’s us receiving the envelope.

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