Weasel abandons manager for Brian White!

Weasal is at logger heads with Goodlyfe manager, Chagga after he refused to perform at a concert because as it seems to the public, he is a lot more dedicated to Brian White and his foundation. It was reported that he gets paid more money with Brian White than what he makes from those concerts. This threw his manager to a boat of thoughts as weasel is still struggling in his music career ever since the demise of his brother, Mowzey Radio.

Weasal was seen in Mbarara with Brian White as he launched his foundation where he also perfomrmed. He preferred to hang with Brian white as opposed to pushing his already struggling music career. Brian Kirumira splashed money as he is known to do but with dignity.

The Brian White foundation is aimed at uplifting the youth from poverty. He brought with him Lorries of necessities, food, clothing and lots of material for new mothers. Brian together with his team gave out food stuffs, mattresses and cash to everyone that gathered for this launch.

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