VIDEO: How to trigger ‘sacred water’ from a Kampala girl

The rampant and excessive cheating that is very common among married couples these days is incredible. Married men tend to find themselves sharing their wives with gate men, campus boys, “friends” and a wide cross-section of men. Our survey led us to the root of this problem which yielded results. 90% of women say they cheat because they are not satisfied by their partners who behave like primary school children in bed.

This has belittled and emasculated many men who have failed to make their women orgasm. Many men since have resorted to masturbating and left with a bruised ego. This video will make you forget all your problems as it describes how to drill and find that lost water in your spouse.

The famous kachabali also known as the western jazz or kunyaza will make any woman even one who is as dry as zari splash with water like the sipi falls. Enjoy!!!!


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