This Uganda Police charge sheet will leave you in tears

Uganda, the pearl of Africa, the gem of the world is full of wonders. Just when we thought that the crazy stuff only happens in Kampala, something hit us from the East in form of a charge sheet.

It is lawful to note that their is another Stella Nyanzi in Bukedea by the name Adeke Deborah. Adeke is not going easy on anyone. Chances are very high she too is a feminist because of the ’empowering’ words that escaped her lips before she was reported to police.

Adeke Deborah reportedly abused a one Opit Samuel that ‘his mouth is like clitoris of a vagina with long mouth and beards as a penis.’ The housewife was simply reported to police as a common nuisance who without lawful excuse public spews vulgarity. She could join Stella Nyanzi in Luzira. LOOOL

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