Top social media couples that wowed us in 2016

Here are the top couples that have us saying , “Awwwwww” while giving our significant others a very evil eye.

Low-key relationships are so common these days that Bae will post a picture of you on your birthday and caption it like you are his long lost best friend. However there are still some hopeless romantics out there who have us demanding that we get posted as well even if it was a just a back view. Here are the top couples that have us saying , “Awwwwww” while giving our significant others a very evil eye.

1.Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

The Boss Lady who was on her feet out and about 24 hours after giving birth to child no.5 for her and child no.2 for the Tanzanian singer is without a doubt no. 1 on the list. Anyone who follows her Instagram is not a visitor to the caption #TheChibus and #BooandBaeTings.

Each time us, the mere mortals come for his baby mama, Diamond goes all in and shows us the Chibus are not to be messed with.Diamond has us looking for singing and dancing baby daddies to throw us birthday parties in Zanzibar.

2.Cynthia Nakiranda Kajoba and Solomon Kajoba

Cynthia makes us want to find our Prince Charming right now. Her Instagram captions have us saying Awww all the time. We want a #partnerforlife kind of love. We are excitedly waiting for little Kajoba’s from behind our phone screens.

If you are bitter because Bae left you best not to add halocynthia on Snapchat or you may end up paying attention to those “We can bring back your lover in two days” ads on electricity poles.

3.Mugume Canary and Sasha Ferguson

What more could explain social media love than a couple that has a shared Instagram account? We made a mistake and viewed @powercouple_ug and believe me we are now looking at our boyfriends unhappily.

Canary proudly shows off his vlogger girlfriend but you and your family are the only ones who know your fiance.

4.Onyango Gareth and Nickita Bachu

This on and off party couple entertain us often by being our very own Khloe and Lamar in their heyday before the overdose scandal. The two keep our tongues wagging and then have us saying awww when they mock us naysayers who believed the rumours about their split.

As if that is not enough, the two have now stopped posting each other just to make us gather our meagre 500k salaries to go to Cayenne to catch a glimpse of them.

5.Nadia and Yassah Matovu

As if a glamorous wedding was not enough to have our whatsapp groups busy for months on end, Nadia has us refreshing our Instafeed daily to see that we have not missed out on anything. You would think we do not have problems like failing to get Bae to stop introducing you to his friends as his good friend from childhood.

We were so excited when we saw the roses spelling out Happy Anniversary yet our passports are clean books if we even have. We are just about to  throw out Pana for the neighbour mosque just to get our own best friends for life.

6.Eve Luganda (@unapologetic_eve) and Valentine Olimi (val_sir_spazie)

Honorary mention  goes to this couple that may not be as popular as the other five but still manage to have us loading data and not just a WTF package.Self-proclaimed bad-girl Eve and Val have a rather volatile relationship. The slowly rising PR Power couple entertain us daily with their break up to make up business.

The two keep clearing their Instagram posts when they break up only to return with a bang and their favourite hashtag #Heartbeat. We feel like part of their relationship sometimes wanting to Dm either when Val posts a fire picture of Eve and captions it “Am sorry” to match Eve’s “Love yourself” caption.

I know everyone was expecting the 200 likes on the pictures with boo would get them here but until you have us following and unfollowing daily out of jealousy,sorry!

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