Top five mouth watering Rwandan beauties revealed

Aurore Kayibanda

If you thought the social elites are only in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania then you’ve been living in a different continent all together. Rwandan socialites, well let me call them ‘social elites’ exist people… they exist and Lawd are they gorgeous. Whether they are socialites or social elites, these people came to stay and we will be seeing them everywhere we look especially social media.

Even though Rwanda’s elites are not that flashy like their fellow East African friends, they still make it to our list… their own list, so in no particular order here are some social elites who have made a name for themselves in Rwanda.

Aurore Kayibanda

This gorgeous down to earth girl is the former Miss Rwanda 2013 and she can make any head turn, I mean look at her she’s worth it, she’s got the look, the face, the smile, the dimples, and when you look at her body… damnn she got curves in the right places gosh *sips soda.*

Aurore Kayibanda

Aurore which btw in the Latin language means goddess of the dawn is really a flawless beauty, to me she is the true definition of a goddess.

Peace Kwizera

This light skin angel has the smile of a queen. The natural elegance of a princess and a body that can make any man marry her at first sight. She not only is beauty but also brains, she was first runner up Miss Rwanda 2016 and is the current reigning queen of Miss Naiades 2016.

Peace Kwizera
Peace Kwizera

A friend of mine once said after seeing her photo, “How can one girl cause so much confusion in a good kind of way to another.” Well I guess you can all see why.

Vanessa Uwase

Vanessa also ventured into pageantry hence becoming the first runner up Miss Rwanda 2015. Look at her luring eyes, I bet you’ve already fallen deep into them and probably got an eggplant…lol


If you’ve never seen Rwandan beauty then you’re looking the right page because she fits every description of a graceful queen.

Knowless Butera

First off let me say she is taken so gentlemen if you thought you have a chance then I’m sorry. Knowless is known as the Rihanna of Rwanda that means she got the moves and the voice. She can pull you to her just with the sound of her voice…bouyy.


Knowless Butera

Imagine standing next to the Rihanna of Rwanda, don’t you think you’ll end up spending your whole entire rent for this year and next year. In the words of a wise man, “this ebony is the oneee.”

Jolly Mutesi

First of y’all bow own because you are in the presence of a true queen, the face of Rwanda, the fairest of them all, the beauty face that can stand against many others. Jolly is the reigning Miss Rwanda 2016.

Jolly Mutesi
Jolly Mutesi

This is the face you would want to wake up to every morning, I can guarantee you that she even looks better without makeup. Her smile is heavenly, I’m lost for words I tell you.

Honestly, the angel that made these Rwandan girls must have been from a different continent. These ladies come in different flavors, colour and shapes but all of them are so great you’d want to have excess just to show off.

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