Top 6 fabulous pork joints in the 256 that will leave you with a mouth watering addiction

Uganda was rated as the top most pork eating country in Africa, this hurt warming news was disclosed by Dr. Ben Lukuyu (Country Representative of the International Livestock Research Institute. The same institute, in 2014 published on their website that Ugandans consume an average of 3.4 kg per person per year, which then made Uganda East Africa’s number one pork-consuming nation. I love pork and well, let’s point you to some of the best pork joints in the Country.

1. Nicodemus

Located in Nankulabye, along Makerere Hill Road, Nicodemus is a one stop pork joint for all people living around Makerere and is often frequented by Makerere students who testify that the joint’s pork is fresh and well prepared.

2. Yakobos Pork Joint

Yakobos joint in Ntinda is by far my favourite, having eaten from there a zillion times, the cheap beer that accompanies the pork is one of the reasons as to why people love the place. Yakobos has fresh pork, crazily prepared by the best guys in the game and their service is another tick.

3. Hakuna Matata

Located in Bukesa, Kampala, Hakuna Matata translates to ‘no worries’ that’s why this place is a great place for you to enjoy your pork as you will have no worries as you feast on their finger licking pork.
The service at Hakuna Matata is great and we guarantee that their pork is always fresh. check it out.

4. Rhinos

Located in Ntinda, Rhinos is by far better than just a fancy restaurant and bar. Many people claim that these guys have some of the best prepared pork in Kampala- who are we to deny that. The service at Rhinos is very exceptional and their pork, really tasty, it tastes like nothing else.

5. Crane Gardens

These gardens are located in Namugongo before you reach the Martyrs Shrine. On a normal weekend, when you get to Crane gardens, you’ll have no where to sit and you’ll find long queues of people trying to purchase pork, families gather, friends converge, it’s like a big get together of strangers but they are all there because of the pork they serve at the gardens. Check it out.

6. Kyadondo Rugby Grounds

This is not necessarily a pork joint but I will swear to you that these guys have the best pork in Kampala. A stick of pork with 4 pieces goes for only Shs. 4,000 but trust me, there is no pork that tastes like pork roasted at Kyadondo- totally delicious, you’ll get addicted to the place or rather to the pork.

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