TOP 10 Ridiculous and Hilarious Quotes by Tamale Mirundi

Tamale Mirundi, the Presidential Adviser on Media Affairs is a motor-mouthed, unapologetic and controversial man. Loved by many and disliked equally. However, he is widely known for his humorous quotes and outrageous examples he gives in his speeches.He also never misses a chance to praise his book, ‘The invisible hand’ that was published in 2012 that depicts Amama Mbabazi as one who is destroying the NRM party from the inside.Today, however, we bring you ten of his most famous quotes.

1. If Miria Matembe was such a strong woman, why didn’t she give birth with her knickers on?
2.A baby can play with the mother’s breasts but cannot play with the father’s balls.
3.Ten impotent men cannot rape one virgin girl.
4. “How can you ask a Hajj if he prefers fried or roasted pork?”-When asked if he preferred Besigye to Mbabazi
5. The only thing I regret not doing was strangling Andrew Mwenda for making a false 2 hour long tape about me.
6. If your wife leaves you for a richer man, it’s your fault. Why are you not richer?
7. If I drink alcohol and it makes me smart, you should start drinking too. Ask me what brand I take.
8. The priest cannot ask virgin girls to raise up their hands and a Nnalongo raises hers too.
9. I cannot go to a church because I may end up grabbing the microphone.
10. Batwala ba Besigye okugula enyonyi, Besigye atagulangako empuuta agula atya enyonyi? (How do you take someone like Besigye who has never bought a nile perch to procure an helicopter).

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