“Tiffah is not Tanzanian.” – Zari

Tanzanian singer and ‘Uganda’s Ex-lover’ as termed by many has disgraced Zari a number of times ever since their break up. Having shared an intimate video with lover Hamisa, Zari denounced Diamond totally. In a conversation on her IG live video with her friends this was revealed;

“Tiffah Dangote is not Tanzanian. She is Ugandan. She is clearly not from Tandale. Those guys don’t mind their business. I am their business.” Zari said.

She went on to reveal that Tandale is the place where Diamond was raised. Basing on the tone in her voice, Zari does not want anything to do with Diamond not even association with her kids. This sprung from the allegations that Diamond is not looking after his children in any way. He does not even call to check on them.

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