This photo of Desire Luzinda and Anita Fabiola will give you squad goals for life

Desire Luzinda and Anita Fabiola at the ASFAS

Celebrities have now started leaving iconic trademarks behind for us the fans to bulge our eyes with envy. It started from Beyonce Knowles who recently took an Iconic picture with Mariah Carey, her twins and Blue Ivy with her friend, now our very own curvy bombshells Anita Fabiola and Desire Luzinda have followed the trend.

The two who stunned on the red carpet were all smiles for the paparazzi as they showed that beauty comes in all sizes and colour. The amount of eggplant men can get just by looking at this one picture… phewww

Desire Luzinda and Anita Fabiola at the ASFAS

Talk about squad goals for centuries…

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