These Tanzanian studs will leave you girls weak in the knees

Hands down East Africa is blessed with hootttt men, I tell you Hollywood got nothing on us, actually we can beat them at their own game. Not only do our men have good looks but they also got great fashion. They slay in every aspect of life and we can’t ignore them when they do.

Today my focus shifts to Tanzania, these men give me the chills… they got the looks, the style, the elegance and they’ve got money that is why my co-wives (Their girlfriends) are living it up and tight marking their property with extra security.

Diamond Platnumz

This heartthrob referred to as Simba by most Tanzanians had to make the list, and why not? He currently runs the heart of our Miss boo Zarinah Hassan. Lets face it, if it wasn’t for Zari and his hit song number one with Davido, Ugandans wouldn’t be knowing who this dude is. But then again, we wouldn’t have ignored him for long… just look at him, he’s sexy as heaven….gosh I envy the boss lady right now.

Juma Jux

This handsome lad is dating one of East Africa’s most wanted female artists (drum rolls please….brr rrr)… Vanessa Mdee. Yessoo, Lads that small gorgeous sweetheart is not single so stop sending in your applications, anyway back to the point Juma is a singer, honestly to me he’s average but then hey if that’s what it takes to steal a divas heart then gents go for it.

Ali Kiba

King Ali is a fine mixture of muscular Amarula, just by looking at him I can tell you he is gentle, sweet and everything nice… I’d let those lips kiss me anytime and most importantly love to wake up next to that hunk of a man every morning.

Idris Sultan

This ladies man calls himself a trouble maker, maybe because he will steal your woman with just a look. Idris just recently hosted the ASFAS2016 and he looked goo while doing it… Just in case you still can’t place this Tanzanian tower of a man, remember Big Brother Hotshots… you know the one where Ella featured, yeah this is the guy she always cuddled with. I wonder how his lips taste… Idris can you give me a kiss?

Ladies, I’ve given you your share of hot cake… eat it well piece by piece and let it satisfy every aspect of your body *wink*

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