These raunchy photos of Ugandan melanin queen will leave you agape

A quick look at Sharon’s Instagram account (that_atenyi2050) raises temperatures, makes a number of females doubt their sexuality and has a number of  Mama Lususu faithfuls wanting to befriend the sun. Tusha as her friends call her has a hashtag that has all the melanin abundant women supporting her; #bleachforwhatandwho.

Her confidence has you wanting to buy that coconut oil and go to the nearest studio you can find just to see if you can look like her. Let us be honest, you would totally wipe up that milk that poured in that photo and drink it all.


Move over lightskins, we have a new badgirl. Do not worry though, stop holding your man’s hand so tight and allow him to lurk, this badgirl lives next door in Nairobi.

Dark skin never looked this delicious. She is truly what she describes herself as, “Melanin made in Ankole”.

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