These Kampala girls were asked things men do in bed that annoy them…the replies are HILARIOUS

Some girls are serious jokers. How do some females come up with some things? How does a person sit and be like, ‘let me go put some sh!t on someone’s timeline today.’ Well with this generation, you can never know what to expect, people will be minding their own business but yours as well.

My brothers, you be there being nasty doing that, ‘ohhh… ahhh, yeah baby… I like that…’ while the babe is there rolling her eyes from just the sound of your voice, please check yourself some of these hunnies be on some other sh!t and are already tired of you and your bedroom ways, besides women are very great at faking orgasms.

So someone was bold enough to post on their timeline, What’s that thing men do in bed that you hate?” and some ladies came out defensive, poured their hearts out and secrets leaked… See for yourself.

One of the killer replies by a one Ann Hny read: “Those who demand for water like you work at NWSC…nio nio, and yet he can’t do anything to hit the g-spot.”

Below are all the replies;



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Gentlemen, is this true? Do you do such things to these delicious honey pots you feast on? If so, why now? I know most men will come out saying that females over exaggerate but then that’s what makes them fun to be around… Wink* Y’all better stop saying that sh!t in bed though.

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