The ultimate thrilling show down: NBS After 5 Vs NTV The Beat

NTV the Beat was the real deal before Douglas left. It was the talk of every youth street. One can’t help but wonder why NTV keeps losing its valuable presenters to its major rival in the business NBS Television. The reasons are always kept aloof of the public but it’s almost obvious why. What will the show be like without him? Will it survive? We made a review of NBS After5 , after its first debut yesterday in comparison with NTV The Beat.

With the ‘baddest’ duo in the entertainment industry, one can only expect the best. MC Kats has been in this game as long as Douglas has been, in no world had anyone thought that this day would come where the two genius brains behind popular music shows could actually work it out on one show.  The first observation definitely had to be the diversity of the show. A whole two hours properly utilized with information and segments you would appreciate. Let me break it down for you;

Being a musical show with up to date free spirited presenters, we all anticipated good music and yes we were served with no reservation. Our two hours dedicated to this show did not go to waste. Good music was delivered. One thing stands out though; we notice that besides the songs in competition, most of the songs played were from new musicians. Call them upcoming artists. We must applaud M.C. Kats and Douglas Lwanga for considering promoting these artistes on the debut of their show. This will earn the artists a chunk of followers. However judging from the different portions of the public, some people still think NTV The Beat was doing well and it maintained the good music standards. Let’s wait for what this new show has kept in stock for us.

If I had to compare NTV The Beat with NBS After5 talk segments, NBS After5 has started off with a bang. M.C. Kats and Douglas Lwanga must have gone through an entire long period of research. All they talked about was full of depth, truth, revelation and entertainment. No stone was left unturned. NTV The Beat used to do well on this so it’s probably Douglas’ brilliance hoping on with him.

Engagement. We all must admit NBS After5 has more engagement on all platforms than NTV The Beat had.  Sometimes a combination of two good men at what they do is better than a female-male duo. Look at Radio and Weasel. Anyway that’s beside the point. We did not expect less otherwise we would have been disappointed. They pulled their crowds together into one. This does not rule out the fact NTV the Beat was doing well on engagement too.

Moving onto what makes these shows what they are; we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Deejays. Selector Jay and DJ Brian of Guvnor never left those turn tables the same. They hit the music out of those machines into our ears and it was great what they did/do on NTV The Beat. Now, Dj Roja of the famous duo slick Stuart and Dj Roja has not disappointed either. He has studied the public and knows exactly what we want. He serves it raaaww. When it comes to Mercy Pro, he is the deal we all have had our share of his great music before.

Douglas on a TV interview earlier before the debut stated that;

“I and Kats have come a long way and being on the same show is already big, you should expect the biggest show. The entertainment command centre starts with NBS tv, you don’t have to switch channels to get the best entertainment.”

Our fingers are crossed. We expect nothing average or less with this duo. We wish you a great journey ahead.

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