The good, the bad and the unnoticed at SK Mbuga’s wedding

Most of us were left mesmerized by the lavish wedding Sulaiman Mbuga Kabangala aka SK Mbuga👳🏾 threw this past weekend. My friend I tell you if you didn’t get that, ‘Woooowww…’ face then you’re probably friends with Leila Kayondo who btw may her SK Mbuga #RelationshipGoals rest in peace. Anyway back to what matters, this Vivian (now Jalia Birungi) now Mrs. Mbuga’s wedding was out of a fairy tale, everything was perfect, decorations were lit, the guests were comfortable, the cake and food looked awesome you know. People mingled till late while some ex’s pretended to be cooking food for whoever knows but lets not go there.

Just like anything in this world, not everything can be as perfect 💯 as it appears, the wedding was great but let’s what others can not find.

The gown. This beautiful piece of elegance suited the bride to the tee, I’m talking about the fact that it brought out her beauty, made her skin shine. It was decent but still very much extravagant, this I give the bridal team a perfect 💯. However, I was seated in a taxi and I heard some girls say`at some point she looked smothered (FYI, we are not hating but it just what we saw). I mean with this Kampala heat, this babe could have been sweating underneath that gown…

The back view of the dress
The back view of the dress

The Venue/ Cake. The venue was okay. The decorations were set well and the choice of colour was excellent. It is very rare for most people to use purple as a theme colour and it coordinates beautifully with the white and the gold. Now when it comes to the cake, it was well laid out. The crystal touch was a plus and the design was simple but also elegant though, according to the hype made I expected something much bigger than that.. Honestly the only eye-catching factor there was the ‘high table’ that side was lit, the rest not so much.

The cake/venue
The cake/venue

The changing gowns. As usual the men always do justice to whatever they slay… I mean it is easy to just bump on a suit, a good looking tie or bow tie, neat shave, great shoes and you’re all set but the bride and her entourage the changing dress matters. We need to see what the matron, maids and the bride herself will come out in though Viviene (Now Jalia) Mbuga👰🏽 and her maids dresses were of good colours, simple and good to look at, they didn’t slay as much as most people expected.


The bride and groom with their entourage
The bride and groom with their entourage

The setting. Although some pictures make the setting look not so great, others actually bring out the beauty in the place. As a critic, I like the fact that the committee added the touch of their engravings on the floor of the venue, this just reminds us that the day was all about them and the rest of us were just there to enjoy a free meal. Although they did a lot to make this wedding stand out, they forgot to make sure the guest area also shines. These guys put so much focus on the high table and it’s nearest areas that they didn’t put so much emphasis on the back row where most guests sit and this made things look out of place.

The guests at the ceremony






All in all the wedding was elegant, the wedding planner renown designer Silvia Owori really made it her mission to make sure this wedding goes down in history as the best and trust me this wedding must have made some people utterly jealous. Congrats Mr and Mrs. Mbuga, all the best in your marriage.

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