Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu sentenced to two years in jail for killing Steven Kanumba

Tanzanian Bongo movie actress and bombshell, Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael has been sentenced by a Dar es Salaam court for the death of Steven Kanumba. The beauty was Kanumba’s girlfriend at the time of his death in 2012.

The court was made aware that the two were in a relationship at that time. Kanumba is said to have died when Lulu pushed him against the wall. A detective who arrested Lulu on that fateful day, told the court that walls of the room where the actor died had black blood-like stains.

Kanumba’s brother Seth Bosco told the court that Lulu had a fight with the deceased on that fateful day. He explained that the two were quarreling because Lulu had picked up a call from another man in the presence of the deceased. Bosco further revealed that Lulu came out of the room and informed him that Kanumba had fallen. The two called a doctor who declared Kanumba dead after examining him.

Lulu’s lawyer requested the court to pardon his client. He argues that she committed the crime when she was still young.The lawyer further begged the court to forgive Lulu saying that she is her family’s bread-winner. He asked the court to free his client so that she could continue providing for her family.The High Court however found Lulu guilty of unintentionally killing Steven Kanumba. Her legal team vowed to challenge the ruling even as Lulu was sent to prison to start serving the two year term.

Lulu and the deceased in happier times

Many prominent Tanzanian figures like Paul Makonda have rallied behind Lulu urging her to be strong. Paul Makonda, the controversial RC of Dar Es Salaam, posted this photo on Instagram with this caption, ” There is a room in every situation. Stay strong, Dady is coming!”

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