These are the most stylish Pastors in Kampala

Forget about the traditional religious leaders who were always clad in robes and religious regalia and afraid to try out new outfits for fear of judgement. Kampala city has seen a new wave of pastors who not only lead their flock upon the path of spiritual righteousness but have also majorly influenced style and embraced current fashion trends making their own unique mark in the world of style.

Here’s a list of the pastors that have excelled at style in Kampala.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

This man of God turns heads with his stunning fashion choices. We are inclined to believe that the man behind the famous Zoe Fellowship at Hilton Hotel surely flies to Europe and has his outfits custom-made. He always looks fresh and suave. For this reason, he earns himself the number 1 spot. Keep it up Prophet Elvis.


 Pastor Robert and Jessica Kayanja

This powerful couple behind the Miracle Center Churches has not only influenced and touched peoples lives with the Word but they have their flock wanting to rob their wardrobes and then go to confess their sins after that satisfaction of owning such clothes.

Pastor Robert Kayanja


Jessica Kayanja

Jessica’s choice of outfits has girls realising you do not need to be scantily clad to dazzle.

Apostle Grace Lubega

This man of God has captured many youth that are yearning to find the Grace of God. It is clear that he personally handpicks his outfits. His gentle elegant dressing exudes such power that female flock are drawn to him and they remain salivating and confused. This lad from the Phaneroo fellowship is surely a head turner.


Moses Mukisa

He prefers not to be given any title, so we shall just call him Moses.This gentleman from The Worship Harvest appears not to make an effort and that is exactly how he kills it. He does not conform to the normal suit that is expected of church leaders often opting for sequins and managing to look as masculine as ever.


In my opinion, it does not hurt to pay a little bit of attention to your appearance after all the church is struggling to bring the youth back to religion. Other church leaders might want to take a few tips from our list so that they can dazzle and inspire too.

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