“Am still young, I am an artist and I need to enjoy life” – Lydia Jasmine reacts to the anti- pornography committee

The anti-pornograhy committee is fighting tooth and nail to have all these cases of indecency and vulgarity solved. Annet, the director of this committee came out last week to say all those that wear skimpy clothes and say vulgar words are to be arrested.

Many musicians came out to trash this saying it’s hard to shoot videos without wearing what they wear. A few weeks ago, Sheebah said they follow trends and it’s hard to do music when you are not trendy. Recently Lydia Jazmine said; she cannot shoot a video at the beach or poolside when not wearing a bikini. She is of the 21st century and she is young. She needs to enjoy life and she is an artist.

What do you think?

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