Stella Nyanzi’s adorable sons surprise her on Valentine’s Day

Most of us read Stella Nyanzi’s vulgar rants about the government on social media and forget there is a person behind the controversial Facebook account. Well, Stella got the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift any loving mother would want.

As if that is not enough, could her twins be even more adorable? Good for you who thought and hoped they would look otherwise every time you read shocking her posts.Before you start complaining, I believe all children are beautiful in our eyes.

The “morally upright” people complaining about her mothering skills thinking her rants will affect her sons have to keep quiet now. While boyfriends and husbands worldwide refused to acknowledge their Significant Others yesterday, Stella Nyanzi is raising her sons to be the complete opposite.

I know you were all hoping for a nasty Valentine’s day rant against the government to prove your point that Stella is a bitter middle-aged woman. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and believe that the man in your life might not be yours 😘.

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