Startimes Disowns Chameleone Partnership In Legend Concert

After re-scheduling his concert dates twice, Singer Jose Chameleone has faced another huge blow likely to affect his Legend concert come 30th June. A problem has erupted after Startimes, a digital TV company has dismissed rumors of being partners in his upcoming concert.

Startimes has reacted to a poster which has been making rounds on social media advertising Chameleone’s show. On this poster, a Startimes logo is designed together with other promotional messages pushing the most troubled concert this year. “Disclaimer, It has come to our attention that this promotional advert is running across all social media platforms. As startimes, we are not aware of any partnership in this concert. Please ignore it,” Startimes warned via its official Facebook page.

It is more likely that the Leone Island boss mistook his ambassadorial role for promoting his personal aspirations. It should be noted that last year Jose Chameleone and Winnie Nwagi signed mega million deals of being brand ambassadors for the giant digital Tv platform. Probably Chameleone thought being a brand ambassador makes him qualify automatically to scoop a concert sponsorship but all happens to be a big hoax.

The singer has suffered a lot of setbacks as he promotes his concert ranging from Daniela divorce allegations, having no manager and many more problems all following the “Sili Mujja wo singer”.

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