Spice Diana’s music banned on KFM

The famous eye candy that has been in the public eye since her graduation in January is making more rounds on social media. Spicey whose wig flew off on live television after a few days of embarrassing herself saying she got 32 points at A’level on Faridah Nakazibwe’s ‘Mwasuze mutya. The “32” famous songbird whose odds haven’t been in her favour recently has been denied airplay on KFM. This was revealed during Freddy’s show where a caller requested for spice Diana’s song.

“I can’t play any of spice Diana’s songs, she is still on a ban and none of her music is being played on KFM.”   Was that professional? It’s not our position to decide but it was revealed bluntly to the public. It is not clear what spice Diana has done for the management to take this big decision

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