Song Review! Down On Me, J-Wats and The Mith’s new party banger

The current music landscape in Uganda is set for yet another party banger, from Man of the year, JWats, and Mr. So UG, The Mith. The song, ‘Down on Me’ was released today and it has already gained a lot of media play and hype to the extent that many people are talking about it albeit telling their crushes to get down.

When you add the youthfull J-Wats’ exuberance to The Mith’s musical experience, a party banger is what is created. Listening to a snippet of the ‘Down on Me’ song, we were very much overwhelmed and when the song landed, we were heavenly dumbstruck.

The song displays a man who is so down for her lady, and he is her stallion. It’s a love filled song with beats that can rock any dance floor,with the flow of the legendary The Mith and J-Wats, the realest Man of The Year.

No more spoilers, listen/download the song here!

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