Socialite Dorothy Shonga’s Nude Video Leaks And The Internet Goes Crazy

Dorothy Shonga naked in bed

The internet is going crazy over a nude video of city tycoon Herbert Shonga’s wife named Dorothy Shonga that leaked few hours ago. In this video, Dorothy is seen posing in her underwear as she rotates around the bed.

Dorothy Shonga naked in bed

In the same video, Dorothy later removed her undie leaving every part of her body naked to whoever she was recording the video for. Basing on how she was rotating around the bed, it is believed that Dorothy was engaging in an online chat with someone who is likely to be responsible for leaking the nude video.

Before this video, semi – nude photos of Dorothy Shonga were all over social media on Sunday evening in which she was seen posing with a mystery dude in bed. The nasty photos and video have dropped few months after her legal husband Herbert Shonga allegedly cheated on her with another babe. Despite the cheating allegations of the two wedded socialites, they are still legally married .

In case you are wondering who Dorothy Shonga is, well, she is a Malawian born who also doubles as an official wife to Herbert Shonga, a Malawian by blood but born and raised in Uganda. The two own a big printing company in Malawi who wedded few years ago in an expensive ceremony.

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