Singer Jose Chameleone’s wife has filed for divorce

They say Karma is a bitch, and I think Singer Jose Chameleone will testify to this. Do you remember the boy that was allegedly tortured and burnt by Chameleone in his compound? It now seems that the musician might have a history of cruelty and torture.

Hardly nine years into their marriage, Daniella Atim, wife of musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has asked the Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court to annul her marriage on grounds of cruelty.

Through Okurut and Company Advocates, Atim stated that in 2013 Chameleone started physically torturing her and sometimes he would go home drunk and beat her up without any reason. She stated in her petition number 72 of 2017, filed on April 18th, 2017, that Chameleone batters and tortures her and the children- Abba Mayanja, 11, Alfa Mayanja, 8, Alba Mayanja, 4 and Amama Mayanja, 3.

According to the New Vision, Daniella revealed that Chameleon is ill-mannered and to protect herself from being killed, she has separated beds with him. She also added that the ‘basiima ogenze’ singer disrespects her before the children, is verbally abusive and physically violent with the children.

The “Wale Wale” singer also on very many occasions threatened to kill Daniella hence the need to file for divorce for the sake of her life and her children.

Atim said that she has on several occasions tried to make things right between them and has visited several religious leaders and friends but her husband has refused to heed to the advice. Instead, his manners have worsened

In order to hide the bruises and wounds on her face, she would allegedly go to hospitals for treatment, veil herself and sometimes run to her friends’ homes to hide from her cruel monster of a husband.

She asked court to dissolve her nine-year-old marriage and put a permanent injunction restraining him from ever coming close to her. She also wants Chameleone to pay for the costs of the suit. The case has been allocated to the Court’s grade one magistrate, Margaret Aanyu and Chameleone has been given 15 days to respond.

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