Sigwa Mubikopo, The Dangerous Review

Sigwa Mubikopo, Dangerous is a reggae dancehall tune that hit the Ugandan airwaves back in early September, this fine piece of perfection is by Candy Entertainment’s frontliner, Ceaserous. Dangerous off his latest album “UPTOWN” is a combination of sweet melodies mixed with the right lyric audacity, produced by Levy of Fenon Records.

Later in October, Ceaserous served up the official music video of the hit single directed by reknown videographer, Sasha Vybz of Savy Filmz. The visuals are heavily infused with a tropical theme which follows Ceaserous as he professes his undying persuasive love in the company of a sexy lady while at a night party. Many guys attempt to get a hold of her while there but her eyes are only for the charming Ceaserous, she later asks to tag alone so as to escape the flock and find  somewhere they private.

More scenes ahead reveal them sharing some good time through the streets, and aerial views of the fabulous location of the set. It’s honestly an appealing storyline that captures the caribbean theme of the song in the visuals.

However, Savy Filmz over worked the color-grading on this one as you see too much of the yellow than a pattern of clear video quality as evident from most Sasha Vybz directed videos. That aside, kudos to the team on the effort here, this will surely be a multi-award nominated tune.

You can watch the video here:

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