SHOCKING! Semwanga’s Grave To Be Exhumed

Mourners in Kayunga were left in awe at the burial of the late Ivan Semwanga – a sendoff which shook the airwaves of the entire continent. However, the lavish courtesies that the deceased’s friends did, did not impress everyone.

A one Mr. Mgugu Abbey who argues that three currencies: the US Dollar, the South African Rand, and the Uganda Shilling, were not respected. He has thus applied to the Civil Division of the High Court of Uganda, that the remains of the Late be exhumed and the money be put back in circulation.

An interesting detail though, is that the applicant requests the court to order that he recovers all the said monies on behalf of the Republic of Uganda and the other respective countries. He adds that all costs be awarded to him. We eagerly await court’s ruling on this.

The Late Ivan Semwanga succumbed to a brain tumour in a South African hospital, and was brought back and buried at their ancestral home in Kayunga, Uganda.

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