Sera Ponde living the IT life

Sometimes people’s jenvude won’t matter much if they are living the Kardashian life. Wearing labels and the latest of trends, popping expensive bottles, traveling around the world, generally their life seems to be in place.

Sarah Nakagolo alias Sera Ponde who sprung up from nowhere has had tabloids take keen interest in her for the kind of life she is living. She at several occasions was ranked among the ‘top side chics of Kampala’. Whoever her sugar daddy was/is he did a tremendous job in making this girl maintain a life.

The MUBS slay queen and boss lady that owns a fleet of cars, a classy shore store later turned clothing, bags and shoes store somewhere in the uptowns of Kampala.

We must applaud her for being different from the usual slay queens. She is ambitious. You never know what route this life will take so you must prepare and she is surely building a money empire.

Ponde is known for spending weekends and holidays at lavish resorts both within and out of the country. Her Instagram account is littered with photos of her in Dubai for holidays making it pop! She recycles cars like clothes. This chic is having the best time of her life.

With her style so chic and inspiring for a trendy young girl, Sera does her shopping from the realest of stores. Talk of Gucci, Forever 21 she has an eye for stylish things, there’s no debate about that. Wearing lace weaves, looking like the littlest of the Kardashians, she is serving goals.

Flying business class became her usual means of transport. If she is not rolling in any of her expensive cars on the ground, she is up in the clouds.

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