The Secret behind the famous choker necklace trend

Not until recently has the trend of wearing the choker necklace hit the Ugandan ladies like wildfire, however many ladies may not know but the choker has been around for quite sometime. It dates back many years ago as far as the 18th century during the french revolution popular with the aristocracy. Later in the 19th century it was worn as a symbol to show that one was a prostitute without being too direct. Some fashionable and respectable women often used as an accessory.Various cultures around the world wear them as part of their cultural attire.


Fast forward to the ‘90s and early 2000s it popped up again and being popularized by many celebrities including Britney Spears and  Christina Aguilera. Chokers have returned with a bang as a hot and iconic fashion statement. Paired with your most sleek statement dress or  a plain basic tee and jeans and you will still look dazzling. They come in many types including the tattoo choker,vintage, open collar and many others.


Word is going around that these choker necklaces might  bear a hidden meaning and the people who wear them are somewhat giving off a message to the world. Some women say it shows that they are into being submissive to men as it looks like a collar (dog collar) and most men possess a desire to be sexually dominant. I asked a good friend, a popular Kampala party girl who I have noticed appears to have a collection of chokers how she feels and she said, “When I wear a choker, I feel confident and I am aware that my freaky side is showing .”


Another lady who prefers to remain anonymous said that wearing a choker necklace signifies that she has a “black belt” in the bedroom affairs. Could women wearing these chokers be sending signals to the world that the world doesn’t seem to notice?

In my opinion, the choker still remains a great accessory. Long live the Choker!

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