HE SAID YES! Ugandan Slay Queen Proposes to Mzungu Pensioner-Photos

Revellers at Cayenne Lounge in Bukoto, Kampala, Uganda were on New Year’s Eve left in awe as a Kampala Slay Queen proposed to her pensioner. Yep! She went down on her knees and asked her mzungu lover; “Will you Marry Me?”…

“Since I’ve met you, the roller coaster I’ve been riding doesn’t struggle anymore to make it up those hills. Even though you can never get rid of the ups and downs completely, now instead of it throwing me violently back and forth, you’ve been my cushion to help smooth out the hard times and enhance the good ones.

You’ve given me a reason to succeed, a reason to better myself, a reason build and keep relationships. You’ve taught me the importance of family and helped me make amends with mine.

I no longer feel like at any second the roller coaster I’m riding is going to plunge to the bottom or that my world is going to fall apart… you are my world. You are my best friend, the one person I can’t imagine living without, the absolute love of my life, in my heart my soul mate and to everyone else my boyfriend. I don’t care what’s going to be said after this, all I care about is you. Will you Marry Me?” she emotionally said before going down on her knees.

The pensioner wasn’t heard saying “Yes” but what was visible is that he accepted the engagement ring. We await what comes of this proposal.

Courtesy Photos

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