Rich Gang Allegedly Dragged to Court for Burying Ssemwanga With Money

As controversy continues to cloud the death of Ivan Ssemwanga, someone is not happy at the way the fallen socialite was buried.

Ssemwanga, who died on May 25, was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Kayunga with pomp and glamour- his grave showered with champagne and money splashed to give the Rich Gang President a befitting send off.

Now, someone is extremely bewildered at the way the Rich Gang boys treated the much treasured legal tender.

A one Tugume Gideon under Human Rights Defenders Association Uganda has petitioned high court seeking for a court order to dismantle Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave and remove the money that was buried with him.

According to Tugume, money is legal tender which is not supposed to end in one use. “He also wants court to charge the so called Rich gang group for their actions that took place during Ssemwanga’s burial,” journalist Kasuku revealed.

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