Rema: “I will never date musicians ever again!”

The dimply songbird Rema Namakula opened up about her current situation with her baby daddy Eddy Kenzo during an interview on Sanyu FM hosted by Crystal Newman. The ‘Banyabo’ singer narrated why she fell in love with Kenzo in the first place and why she can never fall in love with a musician ever again in her life. “Me and Kenzo are just okay right now, we are ‘there there’,” Rema said.

She added, “I can never date any other person in the music industry because i have gone through a lot. I never wish my daughter to join the industry or know the beauty of singing.”

Many of us could be wondering why Rema could possibly have fallen in love with Kenzo, well he cupid came shooting towards his honesty. This is what she had to say; “Kenzo’s honesty attracted me to him, nothing about him was fake. Some people today feel he changed because of fame but he is a real guy and I liked him,” she praised him, pointing out ‘liking him’ in past tense.

She emphasized how the music industry and anything that pushes you towards fame has no privacy. She also mentioned how tabloids write and say false things most especially about relationship issues. “This is not the kind of relationship I would want for my daughter. And am certainly not getting back in there” she said.

Rema also confessed that she is ready to date again in case any suitable suitor comes up. “Of course i can love again, as long as i still have a beating heart, i will fall in love again,” she emphasized.

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