Here is proof that Irene Ntale doesn’t look good in a gown

Okay, there are some clothes that are not fit for everyone and basically this is the case for the Sembera singer Irene Ntale. During her sister Sandra Ntale’s wedding, Irene was the matron and yes her dress was great but she wasn’t in it.

I mean, this girl has put on a couple of pounds and not the invisible type of weight but the type that swells you up properly, and I say this with no hate or hard feelings but Irene did look like an over stuffed teddy bear, too big for her body… It’s like they fitted extra weight in the dress just so that it could fit.

This over packed sack of potatoes…err sorry I mean Irene Ntale, in my opinion, should work on her weight because we don’t want her to look bad in a wedding gown you know.

On the positive note, she does look exceptionally great in a gomesi… Kudos for that.

What do you think?

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