Princess Ruth Komuntale claps back at accusations of being HIV+

The beautiful and collected Tooro princess that was battling in an unstable marriage after she got married to Duke Thomas in 2012 has clapped back over allegations of being infected with HIV-AIDS. What all began like a fairy tale and a forever story did not last long before it hit the rocky grounds. Their marriage attracted a lot of attention from both local and international news eyes.

The bitter split was based on accusations of infidelity and battering. Ever since the unexpected twist in this marriage plot between the princess of Tooro and Duke Amooti Thomas, there has been a bitter exchange of insults on their social media platforms. Their breakup was fire-lit with rumour spreading around about Komuntale being infected with STDs. This was started by her Ex-Husband. Having been a hot item for lots of tabloids, this went beyond what was expected. Princess Ruth Komuntale saw the need to clap back to clarify this accusation. She hit back on her social media in a post that read;

““In 2013 I was bashed by the Ugandan tabloids/media about a lot of things, but worst of all they put the so called diseases on me, all with the help of my ex-husband Christopher Thomas. I decided to share this very personal information with you to bring to light how media can do anything to tarnish ones image to gain sales (so take everything they say about someone with a grain of salt). I was a victim of that, with the help of my estranged ex-husband spreading lies about me with the goal to tarnish my image. Yes I know this is old news, an old wound that healed but awareness is important. I am proud to say I am one healthy 29 year old woman!”

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