Prime suspect in Susan Magara’s murder case arrested!

Susan Magara who was kidnapped and later found dead in Kitiko off Entebbe Express High way on the 27th of February has had police and other security organs on tenterhooks in search for the murderers. Having put up a 100M bounty by police for the person that will identify the person in the recording that was captured of a murderer asking Mr. John Magara for payment of ransom, police has been recently overwhelmed by the response from the public.

Many people have since been arrested as suspects as the investigations ensue. Among these was Susan Magara’s boyfriend who was later released after tight interrogation to no avail. New developments are that 4 cars that are suspected to have been involved in this misdemeanor are under police custody as investigations carry on.

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence said that, Asiimwe also known as ‘Kanyankore’ that was arrested yesterday is under military custody. Asiimwe who has had a trail of 7 murder cases attached to his name is one of the prime suspects in this one too. His last arrest was in 2015 where he became a police informant since then to the time he was arrested yesterday. Asiimwe confessed to having worked as a contract killer for city tycoons in the past. He has an arrear of unpaid debts from these tycoons amounting up to 500M.

Having had an awe-inspiring response from the public to the police concerning the recording, it was discovered that this voice could belong to a one Bob Kibirango who was driven to Nalufenya by police yesterday. Sejjusa another of the many suspects who was also under police custody is reported to have escaped and is still on the run. Our eyes are still hooked to see where this ends. Will justice be served?

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