The Pornography Control Committee has issued a warning over use of vulgar words

The chairperson of Pornography control committee Mrs. Annette Kezaabu came up to warn public figures that subject people especially children to nude dressing and vulgar words. Mid last month, the committee warned and surmoned Sheebah over indecent dressing. It has come out again to release a loud warning to all public figures, artistes, comedians et al that dress indecently and speak or insinuate vulgar words in whatever they say.

Just like Sheebah Karungi defended herself saying that she does not intend to dress indecently but she is simply following trends and does what she knows will sell her music, ssenga Nantume has come out to say the same. She said that they do not say “things” exactly the way they are but she sugar coats in the best way she knows how to. Comedians too like Amooti and Amarachi said the government is trying to tamper with their career. However the Anti-pornography committee is up to keep and maintain morals in the society as it swore to do.

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