Pomp as Ivan Ssemwanga’s Grave Is Splashed With Money

Unlike our funerals where relatives try to fall into the grave with the deceased, the late Ivan Semwanga’s family and friends are sending him to his resting place in style.

The Don’s grave is being littered with money in the same way he had no problem handing out cash to waiting hands during his famous December parties.

This reminds many of the wealthy Nigerian guy who was buried in his hummer. Only this time, the deceased is not a vain rich man. This is a man who gave back to his people and this is the only way they can say thank-you. No one knows if the money will help in the afterlife but none of us is complaining. This have even been a chance for us to see the cars we keep using as our screensavers.

The late has been given a burial fit for a King after all he was “The Don”. Rest In Peace Ivan.

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