“Pemba hacked my accounts” – Suleman

Slay queen Suleman has come out the second time to speak about the tapes that are spreading like wildfire. Reacting the first time, she assured Jack Pemba how she and her family will not pay the 5000 USD that is being asked for. However it is said that Pemba sent the videos to a certain group of goons that are asking for the 5000USD. Fresh on the desk is that 2 more videos have been released.

Suleman is using this to her advantage. She is not letting herself break over this media backlash. Being the strong and the 21st century girl she is, she is advertising her businesses captioned with lines from the scandal and making fun of the whole situation. Suleman also said these goons are doing everything to get information about her. She claims her accounts are being hacked.

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