This Pastor Received A Private Jet From His Church Members As His 50th Year Birthday Gift

Flashy Kenyan pastor, Allan Kiuna celebrated his 50th birthday in a special way. The wealthy JCC  pastor who earns millions of money through his church business, took to social media and flaunted a Bombadier Learjet 85 worth Sh 50 million that he received as a gift from his church members. Kiuna’s church, JCC, has branches in and out of the Country from South Africa to America.He targets young rich professionals who have money to throw around.

Pastor deletes photo of the private jet his church members bought him on his 50th birthday, after being criticized;

Wan Jiru: While some of his members are even looking for common water to drink. That money that they used to buy that jet could have been put to better use like donating to charity. May God help us.

Kenneth Buliba: This is why Some churches collapse,why buy jet,when you could easily buy a bag of rice and groundnut oil,for every family. I would have said the church needs Christ,but its none of my biz


Friday Lewa Goya Where will the pastor park the jet. The money for parking space alone in air port will build another district Church. This is wrong mentality. How many crusade has he held this year ?
Michael Ogunronbi Even if all sectors of economy aren’t growing, the only thing that will always thrive are religious institutions especially in poverty ridden societies. Unfortunately or otherwise(depending on how u see it), it is never included in the GDP. The pastors just feed fat and enjoy top notch luxury at the expense of the congregants who don’t even care about their own but would die for their pastors.
Tammy Dominick See the problem is too many people put there Faith in a pastor they are not God!!! worship God yes they are their to Guide you but this is a joke does this same pastor help his members when they have no food? When they can’t pay rent? Does the pastor pay the rent? When the elderly member is sick cook food for them bring to their home? Worship God no other and someone put a Phone in collection ohh Lord my God help My People 🙏🏿

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