Party Pix! Zari, Don Zella Showdown through the lens

They came, they saw and they conquered Kampala’s night life. Yesterday, we saw the showdown between Zari Hassan and Don ‘Lord Fred Sebatta’ Zella. At the white party, our singing in-law didn’t make it but his delicious looking brother Romy Jons represented. We knew from the start that the Diamond Platnumz announcement was for bringing the crowds. Was that AKA we saw in some pictures? Zari Hassan shut Kampala down. She had the crowds and the class. She glowed and her party glowed.

At the Gal Power party, let’s just say lol. They did have a massive crowd and we are so proud of Don Zella as well but we have a few questions. What happened to Sarah Joy Bakanansa, Don Zella’s best friend? Why was our Don dressed like Lord Fred Sebatta? Why did Madam Patricia Sewungu start becoming petty? Why did Hamisa Mobetto say Ugandans are poor hosts?

Can we also just send a shout out to Spark TV for sponsoring Don Zella’s party and then letting Zahara Toto and Anna Talia go to Zari’s party? They also fully covered Zari’s party yet they were sponsors for Don Zella’s party. Let’s just conclude that Mama Tee won this battle hands down.

Also, BanaU have money, we’ve been crying poverty all year and yet people went all out.

What do you think?

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