New Details of Douglas Lwanga, NTV Fall Out Emerge

In their restructuring plan, Nation Group has merged the administration of all its sister companies in Uganda; NTV, the Daily Monitor & KFM to cut costs. In the process a number of top officials lost their jobs, these included NTV’s Human Resource Manager Solomon Muhairwe and NTV Finance Manager,Adolf Mukasa. Also shown the exit were the Cheza djs who were replaced with renegade DJ Mark Rebel.

Contrary to social media rumors, Douglas Lwanga was not fired but sent on an indefinite suspension for absconding from work. If you are an ardent viewer of NTV the Beat, you must have noticed that Douglas Lwanga did not appear on TV the whole of last week. Just like you, his bosses were equally left in suspense because he didnt make any formal notification of his absentia as the employment law demands. It was only after being called by his immediate bosses that he informed them he was sick.

The management found this un professional considering his long work experience; he must know the procedure of obtaining sick leave. Earlier in the week, the new Managing Director had qurried the involvement of NTV in Douglas Lwanga’s organised Purple Party and warned him against using the company name in his personal business.

The boss also talked about the conflicting music played and guests hosted both on The beat; which is predominantly an English program and Cheza; a Luganda program. According to him, they both played and hosted the same category of people which is contrary to the company idea. The Beat must focus on Dancehall and hiphop while Cheza is for contemporary Ugandan music the likes of Rema, David Lutalo, Mesach etc.

It seems this is what annoyed Douglas Lwanga forcing him to take that emotional driven action of a sort of ’sitdown strike’ not knowing by the time he did that, NTV bosses were sratching their heads looking for cost cutting plans. He was therefore suspended pending the disciplinary committee decision. In the meantime, Crystal Panda(formerly of T-Nation)& Sheila Gashumba are doing the Beat program formerly done by Douglas.

Douglas Lwanga was lured to NTV from Record TV in 2013 where he hosted a similar but Luganda program called Katogo.

As narrated by Kakensa Henry

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