Mystery Man Rocks Wife’s Red Knicker To Protest Against Age Limit

Photos and a video of an anonymous dude who chose to wear his wife’s knicker instead of a red ribbon have surfaced on social media and took everyone by surprise. The smartly dressed dude is seen rocking a red knicker on his head as well as a red scarf around his neck.

In a video that has been making rounds on various social media platforms, this dude is heard calling upon Ugandans to join the age limit protest as he clarified that it was his wife who chose red amongst all colors. “Ugandans should come out and walk to work. I left her to choose between other colors. I borrowed her (wife) red knicker so I can use it to protest today”, he revealed.

His protest has come following a country wide demonstration against presidential age limit removal where a number of Ugandans including opposition member of parliament introduced red ribbons as a way of protesting.

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