“music is no longer paying well like it used to…” – Peter Miles

Dancehall singer Peter Miles recently advised fellow artistes to mind their future and start investing in other businesses besides doing music.

During an interview  on NBS TV yesterday on After5 show hosted by Mc kats, he was asked to talk about what he has been doing for all this while. The Omukwano Gwo singer Peter Miles said that music is no longer paying well like it used to.

“I don’t want my fellow artistes to make mistakes by investing all their money in doing music and forget about their future. Apart from doing music, I advise them to start investing in other businesses,” said Peter Miles.

He added that companies no longer endorse artistes like they used to do yet most artistes put in a lot of money in doing expensive music videos and they are paid little for gigs. The singer also added saying that soon he will be embarking on his music tour because this year he a lot of projects he has done mostly international. He concluded saying he will soon release his album.

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