Mr. Nice is actually alive and kicking…’s his English that’s DEAD!

Social media has been ablaze with rumours of the death of former East African superstar Mr. Nice.  The “Fagilia and Kidali Po” singer has been off the scene for so long that many were asking “Mr.Who? One fan was quoted saying, ” Which Mr. Nice? I thought he had passed on and someone had already made a sad short movie about him.”




Pearl Vibe has since discovered that the singer is very much alive, it is merely his ability to speak English and revive his career that is deceased. Mr. Nice insists he is in Nairobi and on tour. Who he believes he is entertaining, we cannot even begin to guess. “im okay bro, this guys are very fool. im in Nairobi for tour….i dont even know where they found this idiot story,” a conversation between him and his close pal read.

Mr. Nice has previously been floating in and out of the limelight because of his magically changed appearance and claims that no Tanzanian artiste can match his musical prowess. We were kind enough to attribute his drastic change to hard times but on close inspection, it appears he has been a victim of the bleaching fad.

Two quick things before I go home to my lonely bed to scroll through my Instagram. Kids, stay in school and keep away from drugs.

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