Mowzey Radio’s New Albums to drop for the next 20 years

Having publicly made a resignation and detachment from Bryan White Foundation recently, a foundation that was to uphold weasel and support him musically for the next 6 years, the keen eyed have been waiting to see the way forward for weasel.


It is more than likely that weasel hasn’t yet exactly figured his way out except for keeping the public hooked and hoping for the best in his music career.  It is not easy getting over something as death robbing you of a person that was more than just a brother but the last tip that completes your soul. Mowzey Radio succumbed to a daunting brawl that swept the country into disbelief and agony.

Weasel decided and felt it was noble to honor and keep the legacy of Mowzey Radio going. In a post on his social media platforms, Weasel promised to release Radio’s albums each year on his birthday for the next few years. This only shows you how much of a musical giant Mowzey Radio was. Who dies and still has that many songs left lying to our disposal for the next not exactly few years. This is what weasel wrote;

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“He came and he conquered. Radiology Album dropping soon on all the music stores. We will be dropping his new album each year on his birthday 25th Jan for the next 20 years| Mark your calendars.”

Wow, music for the next 20 years, from a fallen musician? What magic is this?! We await this musical glory and we wish you all the best Weasel.

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